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School Custodian - Start ASAP! $17/hr

Location: Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Date Posted: 5/31/2023
Category: Public School

We are seeking several full-time School Custodians/Janitors to work with a school district in Grand Rapids, MI

* Compensation Rate is $17/hr , paid weekly

* Clean assigned school facilities for the purpose of maintaining a sanitary, safe and attractive environment. Sweep, dust, clean, scrub, strip, seal, wax, polish, and mop floors in classrooms, kitchens, dining halls, toilet rooms, offices, and similar facilities. Cleans, dusts, high dusts, and polishes woodwork, glass, hall lockers, furniture, air intake screens, and louvers, fixtures, and other installations.
* Remove spots from floors, walls, woodwork, furniture, and fixtures and cleans chalkboards and erasers. Wash and scrub walls, lavatory fixtures, inside glass, windows, painted surfaces, and drinking fountains, and sanitizes refrigerators and beverage coolers.
* Arrange tables, chairs, desks, etc. for the purpose of providing adequate preparation for classroom activities and events. Performs a variety of unscheduled custodial duties as requested by the school office and teachers.
* Maintain supplies and equipment for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items required to properly stock facilities.

* Minimum of one (1) year of custodial/cleaning or maintenance-related experience (preferred)

Precision HR Solutions, Inc., focuses on enhancing the quality of children's educational experience by helping school systems provide highly skilled, committed and caring education professionals to the classroom and support functions.

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Title: School Custodian - Start ASAP! $17/hr
Class: Custodian
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